Top 20 Canada Risk Management Solutions - 2022

Top 20 Canada Risk Management Solutions - 2022

    Top Canada Risk Management Solutions

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    Cognibox develops end-to-end solutions for training, contractor management, and employee compliance and its products and services connect businesses by facilitating the relationship between contractors and client corporations. They help large industry leaders —like ThermoFisher, Rio Tinto, and Alcoa.

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    Riskthinking.AI is the world’s first company to develop scenario generation which accurately captures extreme possibilities, positive and negative, by using a unique methodology for understanding risk that has been designed for an ever-more complex and uncertain world.

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    Sofvie believes that everyone deserves a safe workplace. The company delivers a web-based collaborative intelligence platform designed to enhance communication and risk management in the workplace. Sofvie also offers a mobile app to gather data in office settings, fieldwork environments, or remote locations.